Grow, Gift, Repair


The Lee Planning Board unanimously has approved the site plan submitted by three Pittsfield brothers to open a cannabis-cultivation/manufacturing facility, possibly by spring.

Nathan, Nick and Ben Girard, under the corporate name Sling LLC, want to buy the Oraceutical building at 815 Pleasant St. (Route 102). At that industrial site, a separate entity, Higher Purpose Corp., will grow marijuana and sell it wholesale or as manufactured cannabis-infused items to retailers in the Lee area or throughout the commonwealth.

“We’re looking to be a multimillion-dollar company,” Nathan Girard told The Eagle after Monday’s board meeting.

Oraceutical President Eric Montgomery said he has plans to relocate his business but stay in the area. The oral care product company employs 15 people, according to Montgomery.

The Girards’ next step is to secure a special permit from the Select Board after a 7 p.m. public hearing Dec. 18 at Lee Memorial Town Hall.

The brothers, who also plan to open a marijuana retail store in Pittsfield by year’s end, plan to seek a state permit for the Lee facility from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Work to convert the building into a marijuana-growing and manufacturing enterprise could begin by late March.

Sling plans to install odor scrubbers to prevent the scent of pot plants from leaving the plant. Vehicles used to haul cannabis products from the site will resemble passenger vehicles, according to the developer.

“We want you to forget about us until it’s time to collect taxes,” said the Girards’ attorney, Blake Mensing.

Higher Purpose, the Lee facility’s operator, says it wants to have little impact on town services. It will reclaim municipal water used in the growing process.

“If we’re not sustainable, we can’t be profitable,” said Michael Ortoll, the head cultivator.