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The first question, to amend the town’s general bylaws banning the sale, cultivation and testing of recreational marijuana, passed by a 1,010 to 856 vote.

The second question, to amend zoning bylaws prohibiting marijuana retail shops, was approved 1,027 to 833. A future town meeting will be asked to approve the zoning amendment.

The ban does not affect the personal use of medical marijuana or recreational pot in a residence.

The use and sale of recreational marijuana was approved by Massachusetts voters in 2016. Cities and towns, such as Hull, that voted in favor of the legalization must go through a two-step process if they want to ban sales in the town.

Monday’s special election was held aftr the Feb. 12 special town meeting, where two articles seeking to ban recreational marijuana retailers were put to a vote. One article was approved and the other failed. It was up to voters on Monday to make a final decision.

The special town meeting also approved several articles establishing “time, place and manner” regulations for retail shops if the ballot questions failed to pass.