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“My concerns are about the enhanced access to marijuana that sales in our town would provide to children and teens here, and, perhaps more importantly, the message allowing sales in town would send to students,” Hingham resident and superintendent of schools Dorothy Galo said. “There still are many unknowns and only limited research data and long-term experience.”

Hingham town meeting was held Monday night and nearly 600 residents voted on marijuana sales, legalized controversial accessory dwellings in town, and approved a $108 million operating budget for the next fiscal year.

“The ban is the prudent way for the town to proceed. Hingham’s tradition is to take a careful, measured approach,” Victor Baltera, advisory committee member, said. “By adopting the ban, Hingham can limit (negative) impacts and control our message to Hingham youth.”

Resident Nicholas Belezos said he supports sales of recreational marijuana in town because he thinks legal sales will help regulate the drug and provide a safer product for users.

“I really think a lot of the concerns discussed are not relevant, because they are going to happen anyway. There are plenty of people in high school and college in this town smoking,” he said. “Whether you have a retail shop or not, they’re going to get it.”