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“My sense if that they would be grandfathered,” he said of the existing shops. “I know this is something some people want to look at, but I don’t think (regulations on existing shops) should be incorporated into this (ordinance).”

Destino has acknowledged that one issue clouding any potential bans on accessory displays is that many of the pipes and other items spotlighted at Boston Smoke Shop or Sunny’s Smoke Shop on lower Washington Street can also be used for smoking tobacco.

Jeffrey Hendrickson of Boston Smoke Shop — who emphasizes the store is not interested in selling pot, only accessories — reiterated Friday that the items on display in the store’s main window are used by those who use medicinal marijuana for treatment.

“Either way, we’re here to stay,” he said of any potential display regulations. “If we have to put something up (shielding the displays), I guess we’ll put something up. I don’t think it’s fair at all, but I’m just one person.