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#MUNICIPAL #GUIDANCE: East Bridgewater

With about 18 percent of voters turning out for the election, the ballot question on whether to ban recreational marijuana sales was affirmed by a vote of 900 to 848 in unofficial tallies released by interim Town Clerk Susan Gillpatrick.

There were also two other contested races on the ballot.

In a battle for a seat on selectman’s seat, Carole Julius 1,127 defeated John Margie handily, 1,127 votes to 611.

The town assessor’s race was much closer with winner John Cullinan garnering 830 votes and David Lincoln Phillips receiving 726 votes.

“We were very busy, I would say more than normal,” Gillpatrick said earlier in the day. “There has been a big mix of people. Usually we see mostly older people, but there have been people of all ages coming in. I think the reason being is because of the contested races and the marijuana question on the ballot.”

In what sometimes was a bitterly contested race, East Bridgewater becomes the latest town in the Brockton area to ban recreational marijuana.