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“I will tell you, if nothing is done, July 1 — it’s good to go,” Duggan said at the March 27 meeting of cannabis retail sales being allowed around town, in any location. “If the board opts to say ‘We will not do anything with retail in the community,’ then it has to go to the ballot in November in order for a formal vote by the residents of Dracut. However, we will recommend that we could limit it to either a B-4 zone or an I-1 — an industrial zone — for the retail establishments and incorporate that into proposed bylaws as we move forward.”

Selectman Joseph DiRocco Jr. foresaw problems. “Although they voted for it, they don’t want it in their area,” he said. “You’re going to run into that problem.”

Selectman Tami Dristiliaris said “I personally cannot wrap my head around this issue.”

“I know I’m in the minority but, as a nurse for years seeing the drug problem that we have, I think it’s just such a bad idea,” she said. “I’m just going to say that for the record. Having retail cannabis is a bad idea.”

Jesse Forcier, who spoke up during last fall’s Town Meeting in opposition of the moratorium, stressed again his belief that this an economic opportunity for Dracut.