Grow, Gift, Repair


Suns Mass, an affiliate of the Arizona cannabis company Harvest Inc., has proposed renovating and converting an existing 2.6-acre greenhouse and constructing a new 33,000-square-foot building for harvesting, drying and shipping. It plans to sign a 15-year lease with Pioneer Gardens owners Arjen Vriend and Jaap Molenaar, who sell perennial starter plants to wholesale nurseries.

The plan also includes reconstruction of a parking lot, new utility connections, stormwater management and landscaping.

Representatives for Sun Mass on Wednesday included Northampton attorney Richard M. Evans, who delivered a presentation to the board and the public, as well as consultant Ezra Parzybok, also of Northampton.

Evans said the expectation is for Suns Mass to take over the existing 114,000-square-foot greenhouse on the property.

“Pioneer Gardens hopes to remain alive and well in Deerfield,” he said, adding that the business is interested in moving elsewhere in Deerfield. Vriend previously said he and Molenaar want to expand their company’s ornamental plant nursery and open field production.

The planned one-story, 33,000-square-foot processing building would sit next to the greenhouse and not be visible from the road. It would be 18 feet high, at most, Evans said. As required by law, there will be 500-foot buffer zones from any place where children congregate, Evans said.