Grow, Gift, Repair


Dalton’s town manager and Selectboard have decided to criminalize the public possession of cannabis. They have placed three articles on the town warrant that will be voted on Monday, May 7 at the annual Town Meeting.

Article 1 will continue the cannabis moratorium until Dec. 31. Why? Because our town manager is not prepared to put bylaws in place which would dictate what rules would be required to open a cannabis facility after July 1 in Dalton.

Articles 2 and 3, will criminalize the possession of cannabis and give “policing” powers to the town manager and Select Board. Fines will start at $300 even if you have a Massachusetts State issued Medical Marijuana Card.

Our town manager has stated that cannabis is still illegal under federal law. The Trump administration has stated that no state will be prosecuted for passing laws to legalize cannabis.

Our town government is hypocritical. It wants to vote down any kind of cannabis facility in town, but it has offered tax relief to a liquor store in town to put on an addition. Officials also gave tax relief to a private business to open a brewery and a distillery.

We are so “flush” in Dalton that we can afford to keep entrepreneurs out of our town. A cannabis caf would employ dozens of people and a growing and dispensary facility could provide more jobs.

Please vote “no” Monday on articles 1, 2 and 3. Or get ready for the “New Signs” to be erected!