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The vendor said it made security a priority. “We have access control, surveillance cameras and on-site security professionals to make sure no one under the age of 21 can enter the store,” said Mike Gallen, Sanctuary Medicinals director of security.

JQES teacher Mimi Fong was unconvinced. “There is a daycare center very close to the store. How are you going to make sure that the children are protected from the customers when they play in the park or walk on the streets?”

Little Panda Daycare at 285 Tremont Street takes care of children age two to seven. “Our teachers walk them to the Eliot Norton Park to play every day. How are the teachers going to answer them when they ask about the smell of marijuana?” said employee Cindy.

Sanctuary Medicinals CEO Jason Sidman promised to have security in the park for “x number of hours” each day.

A proposed marijuana dispensary in Chinatown and the Theater District was presented at a public meeting March 5 at Revere Hotel. (Image courtesy of Valerie Li.)

Community representatives voicing opposition to the dispensary included the Wang YMCA, South Cove Plaza East senior housing, the Bay Village Neighborhood Association and the Chinatown Business Association. Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Chinese secretary Felix Lui delivered 700 signatures opposing the business.

Ed McGuire, chief of staff of the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement, moderated the hearing. He encouraged community feedback but noted “the project is not going away.”