Grow, Gift, Repair


The Planning Board has been reviewing and holding public hearings on a definitive subdivision plan related to the Valley Green Grow Inc. proposal to develop a 1-million-square-foot medical and recreational marijuana operation at 44 Old Worcester Road.

The deadline for the board to render its decision on the plan was this week. But after nearly two hours of public comment and plan review Monday, the board requested, and VGG lawyer Michael D. Rosen agreed to, a deadline extension to March 11.

The applicant will now submit agreed-upon plan revisions to the board by Feb. 1 for review by the Charlton Highway Department, Conservation Commission and Board of Health.

The Planning Board has set its next – and likely last – hearing on the matter for 7 p.m. March 6.
VGG filed a nonresidential subdivision plan with the planning office on April 25, thereby grandfathering the land’s orchard zoning, meaning it is not subject to the marijuana zoning bylaws adopted in May.

The proposed $100 million project requires the board’s approval on two separate applications: a definitive subdivision plan and a site plan.