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The Selectboard has agreed on a “Marijuana Host Agreement Application Policy” that spells out what marijuana business applicants must do for a prospective license from the town.

First, the applicant must publicize and hold a community outreach meeting, published in The Recorder and broadcast by Falls Cable TV. Also, notification should be sent to the Mohawk Trail Regional School District. The outreach meeting should address the following:
■Type of business proposed.
■Size and structure of facility.
■Neighborhood/environmental impacts, including lighting, noise, odor, water-usage, traffic and possibly other data.

■Steps or assurances on measures that will be taken to reduce or mitigate any negative impacts.

After this, the applicant should give the Selectboard a package containing: a summary of the outreach meeting, a copy of the draft license application to the Cannabis Control Commission, assurance the proposal will comply with town zoning bylaws, and a draft host agreement.

The applicant will also submit $5,000 to be held in escrow, to cover the town’s legal costs for reviewing the application. The town will not begin any review or negotiation without such funds. Also, the town is to keep track of such expenses and return any unused portion to the applicant.

Last, the Selectboard “reserves its right to withhold support or engage in a Host Community Agreement that it deems not in the best interest of the citizens,” the policy says.