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The Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Center will be nearly 1 million square feet in Freetown, which is north of New Bedford. The “master-planned” marijuana cultivation and processing center is designed to be a campus to save multiple pot tenants the time and money of finding space to operate in a community that is both suitably zoned and welcoming, AmeriCann CEO Tim Keogh told The Republican in October.

Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Center is seen as an all-permitting-addressed campus with a sprawl to meet market needs.

The campus will offer a permitted and infrastructured center with a projected 400 employees at full operation in a few years, he said.

AmeriCann Brands will provide extraction and product manufacturing support to the campus and to licensed cannabis farmers throughout Massachusetts. Growing and processing but not dispensing of marijuana will take place at the campus, he said.

Construction of the campus’ first building is underway and should be done by May or June. Design of the second building is ongoing and construction should begin in the first quarter of 2019, he said.

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