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Municipal Guidance Article: North Andover

The details of the agreement were laid out under the state’s medical marijuana law. Mass. Innovation Works’ applications with the state are through the Department of Public Health through the existing medical marijuana law. The state has not yet released regulations under the new recreational marijuana law.

Maylor said if the group wishes to use the facility for recreational cultivation, it would need another host community agreement.

Mass. Innovation Works is aiming to obtain zoning approval at the Special Town Meeting on Jan. 30 so it can submit an application to the state on April 1, in order to be in the first pool of companies granted licenses under the new recreational law.

“Moving forward if any portion of facility wanted to operate under the adult use, recreational statute, it would require a separate host community agreement,” said Maylor. “It’s very clear in the regulations. If they go into the CCC (cannabis control commission) for a license to grow under that provision, all those rules would apply, this would require a separate host community agreement.”

The draft agreement discussed Monday lays out protections the town has if the endeavor fails to meet expectations.