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Multi-state dispensary coming to Somerville

medical cannabis company with operations in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and California is opening its first dispensary in Massachusetts on Monday, with two more planned in the state.

Liberty Cannabis will officially open the medical marijuana dispensary at 304 Somerville Ave. in Somerville on Monday. The Union Square location is the company’s seventh dispensary, and the third overall for Somerville, which is also home to Revolutionary Clinics II and Sira Naturals.

In an interview, Josh Genderson, the CEO of Liberty’s parent company Holistic Industries, said the company started in D.C. working with patients, particularly children with epilepsy, and has grown to focus on brain tumor patients.

In Massachusetts, Liberty already has an 80,000-square-foot cultivation facility in Monson, which opened in January. The company has an Easthampton site under construction, and is looking for a location for a third dispensary.

Though Liberty is only growing and selling medical marijuana right now, its goal is to apply for recreational marijuana licenses in Massachusetts as soon as town regulations allow.

“It’s completely impossible under our business model to stay in business, to stay open in a recreational market if you’re only exclusively medical,” Genderson said. “So I think in any town we operate in, if they opt to award recreational licenses, then that’s a move for us.”