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MRCC Sponsors Cori Clinics with Harvard Legal Services Center on July 20th and 30th

Do you have a background? Unsure of your record and would like confidential assistance? MRCC is sponsoring two cori clinics this month on July 20th and 30th.

During these clinics you will learn what cori sealing entails and be provided with one on one confidential assistance to seal your record.

MRCC’s cori and expungement services is a part of our restorative justice initiatives. We are a cooperative that provides services towards our communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. Services towards our communities are supported by everyday people like you. Massachusetts has made over one billion dollars in cannabis revenue yet zero dollars has gone towards restorative justice. Your support is crucial as MRCC deals with the economic violence being bestowed upon us. Join the movement and become a member today. Change can’t wait: