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MRCC Earthday Event: Organic Grow to Consume for Racial Justice

Join us on April 22nd, 2022 for EarthDay where we will meet as a community to strengthen our understanding of organic growing practices, enrionmental racism, how climate change will impact our most marginalized communities and what we can do to move in solidarity for racial justice.

During this workshop we will teach:

  • Soil ecology and what goes on when you plant a seed or transplant into soil
  • Comparison between organic/natural horticulture and the environmental effects of the synthetic industry.
  • Interactive seed starting workshop

We will meet at 1pm at Boston Commons. Afterwards everyone will have the opportunity to learn more about Extinction Rebellion who will be hosting a earthday event at 3pm at the State House.

100% of all donations will go towards MRCC’s Solidarity for Racial Justice campaign.

Click here to register so we can properly plan with materials/supplies:

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