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MRCC is proud to announce our Corporate Cannabis Social Responsibility Program. There is much concern about toxic workplaces, moldy weed, jobs not offering a livable wage, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the cannabis industry in Massachusetts. At MRCC we’ve decided we will only support posting of job positions from cannabis companies that practice what they preach and offer an equitable and healthy work environment. There are 6 key points of our program including:

  • Equity opportunity for employees ie ownership
  • Pay transparency
  • Livable wage and benefits for all employees
  • 50% of senior leadership are local, BIPOC, people previously incarcerated, disabled, women, LGBTQ+
  • Offer managerial pathways for people previously incarcerated, BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQ+, women 
  • Required training for all staff on intersectionality, sexual harassment, and anti-racism by non-white instructors

By joining our Corporate Cannabis Social Responsibility Program we are able to confirm that there are cannabis companies offering amazing equitable opportunities and are actively dismantling the systemic racism already in practice in our legalized industry, whose results can be seen in the statistics and the failing amount of diversity in the workforce.

If you would like to learn more please contact our donor relations team at