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More commission $

The $3 million will pay those employees’ salaries and benefits, as well as other expenses such as information technology, infrastructure, and operational services, a commission spokeswoman said.

The money will come from the state’s marijuana regulation fund, which includes collections of fees from medical dispensaries and patients.

The marijuana regulation fund is also made up of revenue from a 10.75 percent state excise tax on recreational cannabis sales. Those purchases also carry a 6.25 percent sales tax, which is directed to the state’s general fund, and up to a 3 percent local tax.

The fund, under state law, must be directed to specific uses. They include: the cannabis commission’s operations, public awareness campaigns, public and behavioral health, public safety, police training, restorative justice programs, jail diversion, workforce development, and efforts to make the state’s marijuana industry equitable and accessible for people affected by the war on drugs.