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More background on the lab issue.

Marta Moricz, who was an employee for MCR Labs in Framingham, was arrested last October after police discovered a large amount of marijuana wax and THC products at her Westwood home.

Police served a search warrant at Moricz’s house after a teenager at Norfolk Agricultural High School in Walpole ingested some of the marijuana product and became ill, court documents state. An investigation led police to believe that Moricz’s son had brought the marijuana to school.

“Upsetting me, pretty much, that there was some type of diversion that took place, somewhere down the line that it ultimately ended up in the hands of a teenager,” Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael said.

Moricz was fired from MCR but Carmichael says police could not determine how much marijuana she had diverted and for how long because the lab did not cooperate with investigators.