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MOBILIZE for No New Womens Prisons

Join Families for Justice As Healing this Friday.

Poster ideas:

  • Free Her Now!
  • No New Women’s Prison
  • Sign a Strong Prison Moratorium into Law!
  • Build ________ Not Jails and Prisons (filled in with whatever your family and community needs!
  • Release women! Resource Communities!
  • Reimagine Communities Not Prisons!
  • Women deserve better than prison
  • We Demand Different / Let’s Create What Different Looks Like

Share this link to spread the word: 

You can also continue to take action to pressure the Infrastructure Bond Bill Conference Committee!  All the information you need to take action is here:

After this legislative session – we’re not stopping! We’ll be in touch soon with ways you can support our campaign to push Governor Charlie Baker to release women on clemency before he leaves office.

And as always, we’re so grateful for your support of our #ReimaginingCommunities work! We invite you to contribute directly to an incarcerated woman’s canteen: and to help us keep the Community Love Fund Pantry Stocked: