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Mellow Introduces Artisanal THC and CBD Infused Ice Cream in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELESMellow Ice Cream is thrilled to announce that their premium THC and CBD infused ice cream is set to hit the California cannabis market this week. Looking to be first of its kind in an already competitive recreational market in a region known for its premium and hype-driven cannabis offerings, Mellow’s key focus is elevating the standards for edibles. Mellow’s mission is to innovate and create the absolute best quality and best tasting products, quickly leading the category in cannabis infused ice cream products. Mellow infuses the novelty and nostalgia of frozen desserts into a fun and indulgent new experience for a broad audience of customers.

Taking the scoop (and joint) out of Ben & Jerry’s hands

Launching with 3 distinct flavors, Mint Chocolate Chip, Himalayan Sea Salt and Caramel, and Tahitian Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup, Mellow Ice Cream looks to build a fanbase quickly with limited edition branded apparel and pre-rolls that are locally sourced and rolled in California. Ice cream, pre-rolls, and merchandise will be available to purchase online while offering home delivery – via an electric-powered Tesla with a freezer in the trunk – in the greater Los Angeles area with the intention of quick expansion to the rest of California.

In launching Mellow Ice Cream, founders Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez made it their priority to partner with leading industry experts to meet the goal of becoming the first fully compliant ice cream brand in the edibles market. “To get around the red tape, a lot of people operate in the semi-legal zone,” says Gonzalez. “We intend to become a household brand, and we have no intention of shooting ourselves in the foot by breaking some law because we were ignorant of it.” With their team of experts, including legal professionals, chemists, food scientists, and chefs, Mellow has successfully created a classic and aspirational hybrid of cannabis and classic ice cream,providing a safe and deliciously fun experience.

Redefining edibles in a new fun food with their family in mind

The premium cannabis edibles brand is founded by longtime friends and serial entrepreneurs, Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez, who each witnessed the effects of painful cancer treatments in their immediate families. Motivated by wanting to create a source of relief, even joy, in those moments of suffering, the founders created a new, fully compliant edible product that provides a safe, responsible, and enjoyable method of ingesting cannabis.

“Enrique and I had a few conversations about the cannabis industry, how we were both attracted to it, and we’d both been through family situations where someone was dealing with cancer,” says Mellow co-founder Jesse Bride. “The person in my family who’d passed away couldn’t smoke or ingest cannabis oils because of the nausea, so this was a product I truly wished was there when we needed it. It lit a spark under Enrique and me and we decided to make THC- and CBD-infused ice cream at the highest level.”

The future is bright for Mellow, exciting New Flavors will be launching soon with lots of buzz driven activities throughout Los Angeles in November 2020. Look out for ice cream tastings, pop-up parlours, fun fashion merchandise, even a Mellow Ice Cream truck!

Mellow Ice Cream is a Los Angeles based CBD/THC infused ice cream brand dedicated to providing a decadent, flavorful ice cream experience, satisfying your sweet tooth while providing you with the therapeutic properties of cannabis. The premium dessert brand was co-founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez, two longtime friends who sought to make a new fully compliant, responsible edible product in the California Cannabis industry. After caring for close relatives experiencing painful bouts of cancer in their respective families, Jesse and Enrique decided to create a product that provided a safe and enjoyable alternative to natural cannabis pain relief and healing through a childhood favorite – ice cream.