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Medical and Recreational under one roof soon.

Control of the medical marijuana program, overseen by the Department of Public Health, is being transferred to the Cannabis Control Commission.

The commission is set to meet Thursday to begin the process of switching oversight. Legal weed also falls under the CCC. Draft regulations for medical pot will be unveiled at that meeting.

The DPH has run the medial pot program since voters supported the sale of weed in 2012.

Thursday’s meeting is also expected to be the start of a nearly two-month public comment period. The full agenda has yet to be set, according to the commission’s website.

As for the sale of legal weed, final OKs have yet to be given as the commission irons out testing of all pot products — a requirement for all pot shops. Labs that can do the work have yet to receive final approval.

Other issues also need to be addressed, including tracking of all seeds to the final sale and where seeds for new plants will come from. As the Herald reported last week, clones of pot plants already grown here are being used for new crops.