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MCAD & EON Present a Virtual Rally For Cannabis Delivery Equity

Please join the MCAD & EON for a virtual Rally for Cannabis Delivery Equity on November 9th at Noon.

About this Event

Please join the Massachusetts Cannabis Association for Delivery, Equitable Opportunities Now, Elevate Northeast and more for a virtual Rally for Cannabis Delivery Equity on November 9th at Noon.

On August 28th the Cannabis Control Commission created a new delivery license type, allowing not only a courier model to and from dispensaries and customers, but also a wholesale model allowing delivery companies to purchase product, relabel it and warehouse it. This new model has since become known as the Marijuana Delivery Operator License.

It has been praised by Equity applicants across the Commonwealth as a viable business model and a true path to creating Equity in the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry as these licenses would be exclusively set aside for Economic Empowerment applicants and Social Equity Program Participants for the first three years.

Unfortunately there has been many misconceptions spread about what this license type entails and how it helps the state achieve its Equity goals.

It is of the utmost importance we correct these inaccuracies through educated and candid conversations.

Attendees will hear from speakers like Shanel Lindsay, Grant Smith, Kobie Evans, Chris Fevry, State & Local Representatives, and more…

See you on November 9th!

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