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Mayor of Boston clearly not happy with pot in the city

“This is truly not about being for or against the use of marijuana, recreational or medicinal,” Zakim said at the council’s regular public meeting, noting that he has supported liberalizing cannabis laws. “This is about proper use of Boston Common.”

Zakim said the city should respect the First Amendment rights of Freedom Rally participants, but insisted something needs to change. He noted that smoking cannabis is banned in public spaces, punishable by a fine.

Flynn said his office received numerous complaints after the event.

“I’ve received calls from many constituents expressing concern,” Flynn said at the meeting.

“I think it is appropriate to look into what’s taken place at the most recent event and come up with a plan that works for everybody.”

Representatives of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition acknowledged that several vendors had failed to clean up, as required, and said they were prepared to meet with neighbors and offer concessions, including having beefed-up cleaning crews, tougher sanctions against vendors that leave trash, fencing to segregate the event from the rest of the Common, and a reduction in the length of the event to one or two days.

However, they said, moving is a nonstarter.

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“It belongs on the Boston Common — we’re adamant about that,” said Maggie Kinsella, a coalition board member.

“It’s the symbolic home of freedom and free speech. And it’s a matter of principle — we have a right to be there. We get our permits and go through the same process everybody else does.”

Kinsella also said that city workers, including police and Parks Department officials, routinely praise the event for being peaceful.

And she said the Freedom Rally is necessary even after the legalization of cannabis, as activists continue to educate the public about the drug and push for equity and inclusion in the regulated pot industry.

“We’re not just getting high, and it’s not just a celebration of where we ended up” with legalization, Kinsella said.

“It’s a place for people to commune, to interact with the culture and learn the facts.”

The coalition over the years has defeated numerous attempts by city officials to block the event by withholding required permits — most recently in 2016, when it sued Walsh’s administration.

Walsh has long been an outspoken opponent of cannabis; he led the unsuccessful campaign to defeat the 2016 ballot initiative that legalized the drug and created a system of regulated marijuana sales.

His administration has drawn criticism in recent months for failing to issue permits to recreational pot operators.