TOP 5 Reasons Massachusetts Needs to Take Marijuana Seriously

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Want legal cannabis?

Stand up! Although cannabis was #legalized in Massachusetts, 2016, towns still have the ability to ban marijuana establishments in their districts.

BANNED establishments include: cultivation facilities, co-ops, labs, processors, manufacturers, and dispensaries. Municipalities will be making these decisions at their local town hall meetings. [ CLICK HERE to find the date and time of your next local town hall meeting and speak up. ]

The Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, MRCC, is focused on assisting with the implementation of recreational marijuana establishments in your town. This can only be accomplished with community support.

We have complied 5 key arguments Consumer Advocates and proponents can utilize at their local community meetings:

1.Illicit Market. If there is a ban, the illicit market will remain uncontrolled and untaxed. Local regulations determine what, where, and when marijuana products are sold in the municipality.

2. Education + Youth prevention. Establishments can set aside funds to help the town educate the youth about prevention, substance abuse, and drug awareness. It’s important to be proactive instead of reactive.

3. Safe Access. Consumers should have access to clean and safe cannabis products that are tested for harmful contaminants, mold, pesticides, and fungicides. Legal cannabis establishments provide safe product and secure settings which provide safety to the greater community.

4. Taxes + Revenue. Municipalities can reap major benefits. Total maximum tax from cannabis establishment’s gross sales is 20% with an additional 3% of the taxes going towards a community host.

5. Improving the overall local economy. Countless jobs come with this emerging industry including ancillary businesses, other related services, hotels for tourists, and other service sites.

Pick an argument that resonates with you personally and encourage others to do the same. Testify at public hearings whenever possible. Try to keep arguments factually based, remain professional, and refrain from emotional outbursts.

The more proponents attending these hearings, the better chance we have of receiving the influx of opportunities attached to a well regulated marijuana industry. City Council members need to be made aware that their constituents are serious about the vote we made last November.


We need you to stand up for the Massachusetts cannabis industry in your municipality. We have a strong network. You have the ability to attend local civic meetings once a month and secure opportunities for our towns. Leaving it up to someone else will not work.


MRCC is looking for Consumer Advocates in each town to help mobilize community members to testify at public forums on behalf of marijuana establishments. Our goal is to get at least one MRCC Consumer Advocate as a point of contact in each town to help mobilize local residents and spread the word.

If interested in becoming an MRCC Consumer Advocate in your town, contact:

Kamani Jefferson

Joe Gilmore
Outreach Coordinator, Co-Director

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