Massachusetts #420 : 3 Things to know before you Celebrate

Saskia Vann JamesNews & Events

Massachusetts, happy April 20th! This is the first official legal 4/20 in the Commonwealth. Before we start celebrating, here are 3 things to know!

1. Public consumption is not allowed: The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Question 4, only made possession and growing legal in limited amounts for adults 21 and up. However, consuming in a public space or outside is still illegal. Please be careful and be aware of law enforcement on this special day. We understand the need for safety and spaces that allow on site consumption. Next year we plan on campaigning for on-site consumption, stay informed.


2. With edibles start low and go slow: Many of us have had a horrendous experience with edibles. If home-made, please ask the product-maker what the approximate dosage is. If they can’t tell you, DON’T TAKE IT. Our personal motto here is start with 5 milligrams of THC, wait up to 2 hours for full effects. MRCC wants safe serving sizes and proper edible education in 2018. Other legal states before us have shown education is the way to go.

3. Get educated while medicating: we are in the middle of national legalization. With Maine, Massachusetts, California and Nevada legalizing last November, not to mention Canada getting ready to go recreational next year, the political landscape of cannabis is changing. Stay on top with websites like MJBizDaily, Ganjapreneur, WeedWeek, and of course MRCC.

Stay safe and have fun!