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Marty Walsh scared of dispensaries being close to recovery centers

Owners of Ascend Massachusetts hope to open the shop at 272 Friend St., a short walk from TD Garden and Faneuil Hall. Though owners cleared a hurdle with the city’s planning board, they still must gain approval from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.

For now, they may begin building their shop, Walsh said.

The mayor also raised concerns about the location’s proximity to addiction treatment centers. Bay Cove Substance Abuse Center, on Canal Street, is about a 3-minute walk from the proposed site. The Community Based Outpatient Clinic on Causeway Street is even closer.

Walsh was a vocal opponent of the state’s move to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016, but has since said he has no choice but to follow the will of the people.

“They voted for it, overwhelmingly, in every single neighborhood,” he noted on Wednesday.