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*We will be meeting with the Cannabis Control Commission this week and presenting these signatures, the voice of the people will be heard and acknowledged. Help us make this possible.

WHY? The Cannabis Control Commission will not allow one-day or three-day cannabis events or BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) for event purposes. This means next year, the #BostonFreedomRally may not be possible without a permit. This also means #infused dinners, #workshops, pot & #paint nights, any one-day or three-day event will not be possible.

1.) We believe one-day and three-day social consumption event licenses should be #legal. Consumers should have legal access to one day events. Event licenses also support #local economy for those who cannot afford a #storefront location. Low barriers to entry will allow for small businesses and #entrepreneurs to benefit from the #new cannabis industry.

2.) We believe the commission should adopt BYOC. Adult consumers should be able to to bring their own cannabis to events. Social consumption areas should serve as a safe space to consumers who #rent or live in #public housing and tourists. Consumers have the right to gift marijuana, they should also be allowed to consume responsibly #together in safe designated areas.

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We are meeting with the Cannabis Control Commission tomorrow.
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