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Legalization is upon us

Social Consumption

The state will also be closely watched as one of the first in the country to roll out “social consumption” licenses for businesses to allow customers to consume marijuana on-site. These will eventually be made available for dispensaries to include consumption lounges as part of their customer experience, and will also be available to third-party businesses for whom marijuana sales make up less than half of their business. Within a few years cannabis consumers will not only be able to indulge at their favorite dispensary, but could be able to enjoy cannabis at a cafe, movie theater, or yoga studio. Allowing this kind of social consumption will further breakdown the stigma that cannabis consumers face compared to their alcohol guzzling compatriots, particularly since all legal states currently only allow the purchase of marijuana, but don’t provide places where people can consume legally outside of their homes. Due to pressure from Gov. Charlie Baker and other elected officials in the state, these licenses will not be issued immediately, but the commission has stated that they plan to revisit them as soon as possible. As a concession for delaying the issuance of social consumption and delivery licenses, Commissioner Title secured a compromise that these licenses will initially only be available to the aforementioned equity applicants.