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Legal weed by Thanksgiving?

Pay attention to the labeling
If and when you do buy marijuana or a marijuana product, be aware of what you’re consuming. Pay attention to the labeling, since it will provide information on consumption and whether the package includes multiple servings.

State regulations also call for the packaging to be child-resistant and carry a warning label. You can see the warning sign that’s required on packaging here.

What are the rules for transporting it?
Again, you can possess marijuana outside your primary residence, up to 1 ounce. That includes a motor vehicle, but the marijuana or marijuana product must be in a sealed container or secured in the trunk or locked glove compartment.

A violation could lead to a civil penalty of up to $500.

“You want to be careful there, that it’s locked. If it’s an open container of any kind, and that means if the marijuana package is open and it looks like it’s used in any way, then it needs to be in your trunk or in your locked glove compartment,” Fine, the attorney, has told MassLive.

“That’s a safer place to store the marijuana anyway,” he added. “So you will be able to transport marijuana.”