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Leases up by 20% in industrial areas.

You may hate it, you may love it – marijuana is here to stay. The attorney general of Massachusetts has stated that in the event of federal action against a company or landlord for marijuana-related federal infractions, the State of Massachusetts will defend the company and landowner in federal court. This statement has emboldened a plethora of entrepreneurs from all over the country to make the journey to Massachusetts and try their collective hand at applying for and attaining the proper permits. Some have called it the gold rush of the 2018. Many of these entrepreneurs will not accomplish their intended goal, but the few that do are making the proposition financially attractive for any landlord who wants to take a chance on the industry. In numerous cases, we are seeing lease rates over 20% the realistic market pricing – and because the FDIC cannot back a mortgage with a federally impermissible use, buyers in the marijuana industry are paying premium, above-market rates and signing all-cash deals in order to get the job done.