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Lab coming soon!

MCR Labs, a five-year-old business located on Speen Street, is seeking approval from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission to be licensed as an independent testing laboratory for adult-use marijuana shops.

The company, which already provides testing services for medical marijuana dispensaries, could become the first facility in the state approved to test samples for retail shops.

“We’re in the process,” MCR Labs president and founder Michael Kahn said Friday. “The city of Framingham has actually been very collaborative and supportive, and it just takes a little bit of time to hammer out everything. There are quite a few steps we must go through to receive that license that we’re pursuing, and I hope to be done pretty soon with it.”

Marijuana sales are now legal in Massachusetts, though it could be a while before residents can walk into a store and buy bud. The Cannabis Control Commission on Monday awarded a Leicester business the state’s first provisional license to operate a recreational marijuana shop.

Before it can sell cannabis to the public, the store must complete additional licensing requirements and have its products tested by an independent lab.

No testing laboratory licenses have been issued yet. As of earlier this week, only two labs had started the licensing process, which requires submitting four required packets of information, including a background check and management and operations profile.

To speed up the process, the commission voted Monday to allow its staff to move completed applications from testing labs to the front of the list for review.

That could be a boon for MCR Labs, which has emerged as one of the most well-established testing facilities in the state.