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Issues at Salem Dispensary

Alternative Therapies Group, which was the third recreational store to open in the state, said on its website Tuesday that “due to a technical glitch with the state’s seed-to-sale system,” the store is “out of flower,” the green, leafy buds most commonly used for smoking.

The seed-to-sale system is a real-time inventory required by the state’s Cannabis Control commission. It “provides the electronic tracking of an individual cannabis or marijuana plant, including its cultivation, growth, harvest and preparation of cannabis or marijuana products, if any, and final sale in real time,” according to a guidance from the state.

“This system shall utilize a unique-plant identification and unique-batch identification,” the guidance says. “It will also be able to track agents’ and licensees’ involvement with the marijuana product.”

A spokeswoman from the Cannabis Control Commission said Tuesday evening that the system has been fully functional.

It’s not clear whether any other stores are experiencing a “technical glitch,” as cited by ATG, but representatives from several other recreational stores said Tuesday they were operating business as usual, including Cultivate in Leicester and New England Treatment Access in Northampton, the first two recreational stores to open.