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Is Adult Use Cannabis essential?

Less Americans — about one-third — believe that recreational marijuana dispensaries should stay open. Some states allow recreational use and dispensaries can sell both medical and recreational.

Still, results from both surveys are surprisingly high, considering that marijuana dispensaries are a relatively new development for many U.S. states, and only 15% of respondents claim they use cannabis at all, while close to two-thirds say they rarely or never use it.

In fact, data show that nearly 40% of non-users (excluding those who prefer not to answer) agree that medical dispensaries in particular should remain open.

What’s more, the opinion to keep medical dispensaries open to the public doesn’t vary based on the type of area people live in, seeing the same percentage among city, suburban, and rural dwellers.

Should marijuana dispensaries be considered an essential business during the coronavirus pandemic? Despite operation in more than 30 states, medical dispensaries aren’t recognized by the federal government as legal and won’t be receiving help from the relief bill. This could be why cannabis use …