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Is a shortage coming?

According to experts who have been following the marijuana industry in other states, Massachusetts is likely to face a shortage of marijuana once legal sales begin in July. That is because it will take time for the industry to ramp up and develop enough growing facilities to meet the demand.

Legal recreational marijuana likely to be in short supply, experts say

“I look at what happened in Nevada last summer, Colorado, Washington, Oregon when they opened retail,” said Peter Bernard, president of the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council. “All of them ran out in a week or less.”

Bernard added, “We’re talking about opening this summer in the middle of tourist season.”

Today Massachusetts has 22 registered dispensaries selling medical marijuana and 46,300 registered medical marijuana patients. Nine other dispensaries are in the final stages of the registration process before getting permission to sell. There is no way to know how many stores will apply for licenses to sell recreational marijuana, since the licensing process does not open until April.