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How Massachusetts is doing?

For the Massachusetts market. This initial launch includes coverage of retail sales tracking for both adult-use and medical sales channels from October 2019 through February 2020.
Total sales reported within the tracked time period:

Adult-Use Sales = $247 million (Oct 19 – Feb 20)

Medical Sales = $55 million (Oct 19 – Feb 20)

In February 2020, Cannabis sales in Massachusetts’s medical and adult use channels totaled at $66.6 million, growing five percent since January. Year-to-date through February, sales have exceeded $130.2 million.

The Flower category accounted for over 46 percent of overall monthly revenues in February with $30.7 million in sales. Pre-rolled Joints, which are tracked as a separate category, accounted for nearly 14 percent of revenues with $9.4 million in sales. Compared to the trailing month, sales of Flower grew by four percent and Pre-rolled Joints increased by six percent.

Concentrate sales accounted for nearly 22 percent of overall February revenues with sales totaling $14.6 million. Vape products, the largest segment of the Concentrates category, generated $10.4 million in sales. The category made up 71 percent of the Massachusetts Concentrates market and 16 percent of sales across all categories.
The Ingestibles category includes both Edibles and Sublinguals while also distinguishing the two subcategories. The Ingestibles category contributed 16 percent of overall sales in February with $10.7 million in monthly revenue. In February, the $9.1 million in sales from Edibles generated nearly 86 percent of Ingestibles sales overall, while Sublinguals made up the remaining 14 percent. Compared to the trailing month, Edibles sales grew by six percent and Sublingual sales declined by three percent.