Grow, Gift, Repair

Hemp event!

Growing and refining hemp (which refers to strains of cannabis plants and products made from it used for industrial purposes, such as to make textiles, CBD oils, or other consumer products) is now legal in Massachusetts, and following the passage of new state legislation, there is new information for farmers and others on responsibilities and options. 

This workshop is sponsored by CISA, NOFA, and MDAR, and will address:
> Brief overview of the hemp economy.
> What does Massachusetts law allow and require?
> Lessons from Vermont and MA on challenges and best practices in hemp production.
> MDAR regulations that apply to potential hemp farmers and product manufacturers.
Taryn LaScola, Director, Division of Crop and Pest Services Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR)
Heather Darby, Extension Associate Professor, University of Vermont

A light dinner will be served. Registration is required.