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HCA bill heading to full legislature part 2

“The legal framework for the new marijuana market is supposed to strike a balance across multiple goals — competing out the illicit market, local and restorative economic development, public revenue generation, and public health and safety among them,” said state Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz, the chair of the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy. “Unrestrained and expensive host community agreements that have become common over the past year have compromised multiple of those goals.”

The bill proposes to authorize the Cannabis Control Commission to review and regulate host community agreements and would allow a municipality to waive the requirement to have a host community agreement.

It would also clarify that the five-year duration of the agreement begins on the day the business starts operations and specify that no financial obligations are allowed beyond the maximum 3% of gross sales fee that a municipality can ask for to offset the local impacts of a marijuana business.

“The bill the Cannabis Policy Committee is reporting out today seeks to put more explicit guard rails on the development of HCAs, to restore balance to the market and enable entrepreneurs who don’t have $1 million in starting capital to still have a chance at competing,” Chang-Díaz said.

Next week, clerks for the House and Senate will make determinations as to which committee the bill is sent to next.