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Governor loves appointments

Alternative Therapies Group, which plans to open Saturday, said it will be open by appointment only and will not accept walk-in customers. The first two stores to open, in Leicester and Northampton, saw long lines and traffic jams.

“I do think one of the things folks in Salem have chosen to do, which is open by appointment only to try to deal with some of the traffic issues that have been a big concern in Western Massachusetts, is a good idea, and that may be something other people can pick up on,” Baker told reporters at the Statehouse.

The third Massachusetts marijuana retail store, hoping to avoid the large crowds that hit the central and western parts of the state after others opened a month ago, is urging potential customers to make an appointment and bring cash.

Baker added that he thinks some of the traffic issues will be alleviated as the industry expands and more stores open.

Baker reiterated what he has said in the past, that the Cannabis Control Commission’s approach to rolling out recreational marijuana “has been measured and well done.”