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Good primer on dispensary experiences

How Much Does It Cost?
So far, the state’s two operating retail stores are fairly equal when it comes to prices. Remember, though, that all adult use cannabis comes with a 20% tax added on.

Flower: Both shops have a variety of strains available, from popular hybrids such as Flo OG and Walker Kush at NETA to classics like Sour Diesel at Cultivate. For 3.5 grams, you’ll pay about $50.
Vape Cartridges: You can purchase cartridges in gram or half-gram amounts and with various concentrations of THC and CBD. Most go for between $40 and $100.
Edibles: A range of edibles are currently available, from chocolate bars to gummy candies. Cultivate also has granola bites and cannabis-infused beverages for sale! Edibles range in price from $10 to $30. (Remember: Edibles can hit hard. If you’re new to edibles, start with a low dose of 5 mg to 10 mg and wait at least two hours before deciding to consume more.)
Concentrates: Given strong demand and the market’s slow rollout, there may be a limit on the types and quantity of concentrates like wax or shatter that are available on store shelves. Make sure to check online or call ahead if you have questions. Prices for concentrates range from about $50 for wax or shatter to $95 for distillate.
Remember: All adult-use cannabis purchase carry a 20% tax rate.

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With only three stores in the state being able to sell recreational cannabis, lines have been long. Waits at both shops range from half an hour to more than two hours, depending on time and day. NETA has a wait time widget on its website that provides an estimate of how long you’ll wait. The shop also provides some parking information in case lots are full. And for those visiting Leicester, a Facebook group posts regular updates on the wait time at Cultivate.

Shops currently accept either cash or debit card payments.
Once you’re there, make sure you choose the right line. NETA has ended up splitting adult-use customers into two lines: those wanting to order at the counter with a budtender, and those who’ve put in an order ahead of time. NETA’s reserve ahead system allows customers to place orders online and pick it up in person. It makes for a much shorter wait and allows for a smoother, faster flow of customers.