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Garden Remedies open up their Catalyst Program

Garden Remedies’ Catalyst Mentoring Program is comprised of a series of in-person and virtual learning experiences and mentoring sessions that address the unique business challenges and opportunities in the cannabis industry. Each class provides three learning tracks – processing, cultivation or retail – with access to expert knowledge in those areas from Garden Remedies staff.

Garden Remedies graduated its first class of students in early May 2019 to rave reviews from participants. “My experience working with the Garden Remedies team was transformational and impactful,” says Caroline Pineau, owner and CEO of Haverhill Stem, who plans to operate a locally-owned, female-run cannabis dispensary in downtown Haverhill and help educate adult-use consumers on the benefits of cannabis. “Having such tremendous access to all aspects of Garden Remedies’ operation through personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions has really helped me navigate challenges and elevate my business strategy.”

The Catalyst Mentoring Program is a natural extension of Garden Remedies’ focus on educating cannabis consumers, and the public at large, about the many benefits of cannabis, and increasing access to safe, legal and natural cannabis products.

The next Catalyst Mentoring Session starts July 15, 2019, and there is no fee to participate. Interested Priority Applicants can learn more and apply at