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Friends of Farm bug!

A message from Farm Bug Cooperative co-Founder Eric Schwartz:

Friends of Farm Bug,

The Cannabis Control Commission’s Report on Farmers and Business of All Sizes is hot off the presses. Read the report and you’ll see that there are still NO FARMERS and NO OUTDOOR cultivators licensed in the state of Massachusetts. How the term ‘farmer’ is defined is something that should be discussed and understood better for data purposes. But the bottom line is that Massachusetts State Law and State Regulations allow for the outdoor cultivation of marijuana in this Commonwealth and there are still ZERO outdoor cultivators licensed.

Furthermore, I find the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture (MDAR) to have only muddied the waters in their contribution to this report. They are too concerned with the federal government (everyone knows marijuana is federally illegal) and have done little to help our local farmers and craft cultivators.

My friends–I hope this year we’ll see these numbers shift to favor outdoor cultivation and craft cannabis growing. The cannabis industry in Massachusetts should be a local one. I hope we can push harder to see to it that our local farmers and craft cultivators are participating in this industry and are given more opportunities in which to do so.

Yours Truly,


Eric R. Schwartz
Farm Bug Co-op