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Free Webinar on local equity tomorrow!

“Webinar” is shorthand for a conference conducted online.

Speakers during the webinar are set to include Shaleen Title, a member of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, Sarah Trocchio, a doctoral candidate in criminal justice at Rutgers University-Newark and Kamani Jefferson of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council.

The Council is a nonprofit that works to ensure that the marijuana industry is safe for large and small markets and that the products available to consumers have variety and quality.

The New York Times reported May 13 that in the first three months of 2018, 89 percent of the roughly 4,000 people arrested for marijuana possession in New York City were black or Hispanic.

Five years ago, The Times cited a study of federal data that showed blacks were four times as likely as whites to be arrested for marijuana possession in 2010, though marijuana use among blacks and whites was roughly equal. The study was done by the American Civil Liberties Union and much of the data was independently reviewed for The New York Times by researchers at Stanford University, The Times reported.

The C3RN webinar will discuss how to improve racial equity in the cannabis industry.

“Do you want to learn strategies and tools for advocating and working at the local level in cities in towns in Massachusetts int the cannabis industry? Do you want to support local cities and towns to have an equitable and diverse industry?” said the event’s Facebook listing.