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FREE Register: July2 9AM PST/ NOON EST The State of Cannabis Virtual Conference

This month’s conference will be held on Jul 2, 2020 9AM PST/NOON EST. It will include topics about: 

– Interstate Commerce, 

– Terrior & Appellation d’Origin, 

– Cannabis & Social Justice, 

– The Science of Cannabis & COVID 19, 

– Cannabis: The Ancillary Services That Power the Industry, 

– Policing & the Cannabis Industry. 

Speakers include Frenchy Cannoli, Jahan Marcu Ph.D, Codie Sanchez, Sue Taylor, Terra Carver, Adam Smith, Shanita Penny, Alex Campbell, Felicia Carbajal, Paul Scott, Kyle Kazan, Jim Chanin, Saskia VannJames, and many other opinion makers.