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Forum in Greenfield

“It’s an evolving industry. It’s not like going to work for Staples, like I did,” said Bob Mayerson, founder of Patriot Care, which runs a medical marijuana facility here.

“Here things are still evolving in this industry, so you need to be resilient, whether you’re working in or going to be investing in it….You have to always be able to address any issue or things that come up,” he said.

Patriot Care held the forum — “The Marijuana Industry in the Pioneer Valley” — with Greenfield Community College at the GCC Downtown Center, 270 Main St.

About 50 people attended. Taking photos and shooting video was prohibited during the workshop.

The Patriot Care dispensary is at 7 Legion Ave.

Representatives of Patriot Care and GCC discussed an overview of the pot industry, Massachusetts regulations of medical and recreational marijuana, jobs in the industry and marijuana businesses’ challenges.