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First recreational applicant in Sheffield, MA

Berkshire Welco is seeking to obtain Massachusetts recreational marijuana cultivation, manufacturing and retail licenses for 10,000 to 40,000 square feet of greenhouses, as well as indoor and outdoor grow space. Marijuana would be grown, processed, packaged and sold on-site. Items sold would include marijuana edibles, oils and flowers, as well as other weed products. There would be no consumption of marijuana at the business.

Security at the facility would meet state standards, which include worker background checks and education, lighting along the outside perimeter and a whole lot of surveillance cameras.

“Everything from seed to sale of the plant is monitored, it’s done in front of a video camera,” said Weld, who added that the video will be kept for at least 90 days.

Berkshire Welco is expected to create 10 to 20 jobs and serve 30 to 50 customers per day, Weld said. He also noted that the business will grow a couple of thousand pounds of marijuana per year, and Berkshire Welco needs to sell $3 million in marijuana in the first or second year to be successful.

In addition to growing weed, Weld said, Berkshire Welco is growing a brand that promotes high-quality, clean, natural Berkshire marijuana.

“The benefit to the town is really not just economic jobs and taxes; it’s other businesses benefiting from people visiting them,” Cohen said.