Grow, Gift, Repair

First mom and pop dispensary!

Despite the small-scale model, Frankel wants to eventually offer a diverse selection of strains and products thanks to strong relationships with operators in the medical cannabis market.

When cannabis became legalized and regulated in Western states such as Colorado and Washington, the Central Massachusetts native began a cannabis-themed decor outlet selling items made with reclaimed wood and salvaged cannabis stock.

She would attend trade shows and the annual Harvest Cup in Worcester to position herself as a future retailer.

“I made a business around spreading the kind word of cannabis,” she said.

It was only a matter of time until Massachusetts would legalize, she said. When voters did so in 2016, she was ready.

Frankel applied for a license on June 1, the first day the application period opened.

Rather than look to investors for the incredibly high startup costs, she ponied up all of the cash herself. Doing so, she bypassed large law firms and filed her own paperwork and applications.

She was quoted $120,000 from a law firm to handle her applications and the lengthy state and local permitting process.

Instead, she studied up and accomplished all of the legal work for less than $10,000.