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First Greater Boston Dispensary

What will the scene be like at the store?

For those curious what the dispensary, which is located in the renovated Brookline Bank building, literally looks like, NETA does have a virtual tour of the space. However, its opening period will likely be a lot more crowded than in looks online.

Rositano says the company is encouragingBrookline customers to use their online “reserve ahead” platform to “minimize lines and wait times.” The online system allows customers to browse the dispensary’s menu and reserve the products they want, before paying for and picking up their purchase at the physical location. The company says customers using the “reserve ahead” platform will receive an email when their order is ready.

With the parking lot closed during the initial opening period, NETA will use the space for two distinct adult-use lines: one for full service and one for for “reserve ahead” orders. Rositano noted that they expect the “reserve ahead” line to be shorter.

“NETA will have staff inside and outside of the facility to manage customer flow and Brookline police will be on site to assist with traffic flow,” she said.

Rositano says the dispensary is communicating with medical marijuana customers so that they can plan accordingly with regards to the Brookline opening. However, they should nevertheless be able to bypass the lines and have direct access inside the store.

“Patients will always receive prioritized service, will not be subject to the adult-use queue outside, and NETA will maintain separate service areas inside the dispensary just for patients,” she said.

Rositano added Friday: “We look forward to welcoming our new customers, but we want our patients to know that they will always be our top priority.”

Per state law, adult-use customers must show a valid, government-issued ID proving that they are at least 21-years-old. And like at their Northampton dispensary, the Brookline store will accept cash, debit cards, or credit cards with a pin number for adult-use purchases.
The Brookline store’s menu includes several different strains of flower, pre-rolled joints, concentrates, topicals, and edible gummy cubes and chocolate bars.

In order to “ensure adequate supply,” Rositano expects the dispensary will start with “modest” purchase limits on certain products, including an one-eighth ounce limit on flower.