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First dispensary in #Boston breakdown

Unlike other dispensaries, which have seen lines wrap around the building, executives said a quarter of the first floor will be dedicated to allowing people to wait indoors.

“We have to prevent queueing outside the facility because that was a community concern,” said Andrea Cabral, president and CEO of Ascend, at the public hearing.

Customers will have their identification checked at the front door, and if lines become long, Cabral said the facility would potentially go to an appointment-only system during certain hours, or would put together a coupon book to encourage people to shop nearby businesses while they wait.

“We’re looking for creative ways to manage the population, the volume of which remains to be seen, but we think there are ways to do it to benefit the businesses around us,” Cabral said.

The dispensary expects to serve 200 to 300 customers a day, with the dispensary able to accommodate 80 people at a time.

“We’re confident we can bring people in and out without queueing,” Ascend attorney Michael Ross, with the firm Prince Lobel, said at the public hearing.

The dispensary also said it can adjust its hours, from 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., depending on the activities at TD Garden.

“If there is a mega event or activity, (TD Garden) is saying our city is going to shut down, in our nascent early days as we’re opening and we see a lot of volume, if they ask us to open later, close earlier, the answer is absolutely,” Ross said.

The facility ultimately expects to employ approximately 60 people, including retirees, and people with children who need flexible and part time hours.

“We’re going to hire local and we’re trying to provide as much opportunity as possible,” said Cabral, a former Suffolk County sheriff and public safety chief under former Gov. Deval Patrick.

The third floor may be used for medical marijuana sales, Ross said. The fourth and fifth floors may potentially be used for office space, though the dispensary said it would return to the city at a later date to nail down the usage of the third through fifth floors.

The facility is one of several Ascend hopes to open around the state, with the dispensary working to gain approval for locations in Cambridge and Brookline. The dispensary has a cultivation facility in Athol.