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Finally a store in Boston!

Customers visiting Pure Oasis on Monday were largely Black and local, many having walked to the store. Many locals inside — employees and customers — said they were proud to see a customer base that looks like their neighborhood.

“I wanted to support a Black-owned business in the neighborhood and be a part of history,” said Kevin Knox, 33. “It shows the kids in the neighborhood that you can actually be able to open a business.”

Another customer, Lisa Clement, 55, a retired cook, was first in line, having arrived at 9 a.m. excited to purchase some edibles to treat pain.

“This is good — now people don’t have to be scared about the police stopping them,” Clement said. “It brings a lot of business and jobs to the community.”

Pure Oasis’s storefront is mostly unmarked from the outside with shaded windows and no notable signage. But inside, customers are quickly greeted with the familiar skunky smell of a marijuana dispensary.

The store is filled with natural light, and the walls are lined with glass cases and wooden shelves, displaying everything from marijuana flower and prerolls to handcrafted smokeless ashtrays.